Magnetic Sculptures: a Fun Way to Pass Time

Magnets have always been a thing of intrigue for humans from the Stone Age up till now. It amazes the mind how a tiny metal attracts or repels another metal object. A magnet is a metal magnetized having its persistent magnetic field. The metals attracted to magnets are called ferromagnetic and include iron, nickel, cobalt etc. There are also temporary magnets, called electromagnets which can be made by passing an electric current through a coil of a metallic wire.

Scientists and artists have always been working on magnets to make the most benefits out of the properties of magnets. In this regard science and arts have come together to make a new product called as magnetic sculptures. They are beautiful and easy to make at the comfort of your own house. Either you are a kid or a grown up working in an office, magnetic sculptures will hold an interest for you at any age.

How Magnetic Sculptures Work

Magnetic sculptures are based on the properties of magnets. The magnetic sculptures are made of tiny metal objects of different shapes and sizes like spheres, squares or any geometrical or other shapes based in different artistic themes. They have a magnet at their base to keep them adhered to each other. Wherever the magnetic field starts to diminish another magnet is added to the sculpture. Instead of that a magnetic sculpture can be made solely of magnets. You just have to keep stacking one magnet on another to make the shape of the sculpture as you like.

These magnetic sculptures are available in kits. You can build a sculpture out of these kits. The best part is you can break them and rearrange them however and how many times you like as no two sculptures are alike. Apart from the kits, you can DIY your magnetic sculpture out of small magnets and nuts, bolts and metallic lids which are often put aside as spare parts seldom to be used. You can build your magnetic sculpture out of them, making a masterpiece while recycling your metallic junk.

Magnetic Sculptures Fun for All

Magnetic Sculptures are not only beautiful to look at but you can have fun making magnetic sculptures at any stage of your life. You can use it to improve your building and balancing skills as a child or you can reduce your stress while absorbing your mind in making a new piece of art. You can place them as a decoration piece in your house or work place. Or you can give the magnetic sculpture as a gift to your loved ones. Further magnetic sculptures can be given as toys for children. They will not only be a creative choice to play with but will also help enhance their intelligence. Hence, everyone from fidgety executives to inquisitive children will get a kick out of this amusing and intriguing set of magnets.

Word of Caution

Magnets are a choking hazard and you should never swallow them. Surgical removal might be needed otherwise they can cause damage inside your body. Special caution should be taken while playing with the kids and they should not be left playing alone without any supervision. Some nut and bolts can be heavy and cause injury if they fall on your toe. You should use a large table while using varied shapes of metals and magnets while making the magnetic sculpture.

Magnetic sculptures are a sure way of making your surroundings beautiful with a dash of intrigue. They will be a nice addition to your home and work place decoration and will make you relaxed and focused while building them. Hence they should be in your shopping list . In case for further information feel free to contact us.

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