How Does Newton’s Cradle Work ?

You might have heard of it by the name of Newton’s Cradle, Executive Ball Clicker or Newton’s Balls. The chances are that you have seen it at someone’s office or in your classroom as you have no idea how the device works. The device consists of five metal balls which are positioned in a frame and they hardly touch each other. The balls are suspended from a frame by thin wires. Today we are going to tell you how the cradle actually works. Have a look below.

The Normal Working

If we look at the working of the Newton’s Cradle, it looks very simple. It starts when a ball on the one end of the cradle is pulled away from the other balls. After that, the ball is released, and it strikes the next ball in the cradle.

The great part about this device is that the balls in the middle remain totally motionless. The ball on the opposite end of the row goes into the air and then it swings back, and the chain continues, forming a loop. It can only be stopped if an external force act upon it.

But how does it cradle work? What is the nature of the working? There are some fundamentals of physics behind it. Let’s talk about it.

The Working Of The Cradle According To Physics

Basically, what a Newton’s Cradle tell you is the conservation of momentum. According to the principle, when two objects collide, the overall momentum of the object before the collision is as same as the total momentum of the object after the collision. In short, when the first balls strike the other ball, the ball stops.

However, the momentum is not lost, it is just transferred to the other ball, then the third one and then the fourth one until it reaches the very last ball. You see this conservation of momentum as the last ball swings in the air with almost the same momentum as the first ball.

So, when you lift up both balls on the end of the cradle and release them, the two balls on the opposite end will swing in response.

This continuous movement of balls also indicates the Newton’s Law of Energy. The law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes its forms. The last part of the law suites Newton’s law very well. It is because it converts the potential energy of one ball to kinetic energy which is transferred through the balls in the middle which in result in the upward swinging of the last ball on the other end.

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