Magnet Sculpture

3 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Magnetic Sculpture from Blue Shield

A Magnetic Sculpture consists of a 2.5-4 inch magnetic base and some non-magnetic metal shapes or pieces. The magnetic base creates a moldable magnetic sculpture with the metal pieces that allows you to either simply stack the pieces on top of it or go wild with your imagination and create art.

Here are some reasons why you should purchase Magnetic Sculpture from Blue Shield.

1. Magnetic Sculptures Help Relieve Stress

When those emails at work start flowing in and the deadlines approach, you are bound to feel stressed. You can’t always have the luxury of leaving it all for a while and just relaxing. For times like these you can create a distraction from all that stress right on your desk. Sure the Newton’s Cradle has been the ultimate desktop toy aka stress reliever for a very long time. But the Magnetic Sculpture can be just as engaging, in fact more fun. You get to play around with the shapes and put your creative abilities to work. At the same time forget about your work stress for a bit and unwind. When your mind focuses on the structure instead of the work pressure, you will automatically feel more relaxed.

2. Magnetic Sculptures Help Enhance Creativity

A part from being a great stress reliever, Magnetic Sculptures can help you enhance your creativity. The excitement and drive to stack the pieces together to build a sculpture as high as possible truly puts your creativity to test. You come up with different ways to stack the pieces together and start thinking out of the box. It keeps you engaged and focused which then helps with other aspects of your life too. Ever seen someone stack a set of dominos? How they place each piece to create displays in different ways enhances their creative abilities. A Magnetic Sculpture can do that for you, just by sitting in your revolving chair you get in touch with your creative side.

3. Magnetic Sculptures Can Make a Great Gift

Confused about what to get for your work buddies for a Birthday or for Christmas? Worry no more because Magnetic Sculptures make a great gift! A Magnetic Sculpture will allow your work buddy to relieve stress, enhance their creativity and also encourages fine motor skills. Even during phone calls or in-between meetings when your buddy needs a distraction. They can just fiddle around with the Magnetic Sculpture with their hands while their mind does the thinking.

It can even be a great gift for a kid who loves playing around with magnets or playing with a toy that lets them use their imagination. As the sculptures come with different themes and different non-magnetic metal shapes, anyone can create a sculpture that they want. For example a Magnetic Sculpture with small sports ball metal pieces will make a wonderful gift for a sports fan. Magnetic Sculptures are a great tool to relieve stress, enhance your creative skills and make a great gift.