Newton’s Cradle

What is Newton’s cradle ?

Newton’s cradle ( same as Newtons cradle ) consists of a series of identically sized stainless steel balls or other metal material balls suspended in a stainless steel frame so that they are just touching each other when they are static. In order to make it more elegant, some times we will design and manufacture it with wooden, ABS, acryl or other materials. Each ball is attached to the frame by two wires of equal length angled away from each other. This restricts the ball’s movements to the same plane. When one ball at the end is lifted and released, it strikes the static balls, transmitting a force through the static balls that pushes the last ball upward. The last ball swings back and strikes the still nearly static balls, repeating the effect in the opposite direction. However, the motion is not everlasting, after several minutes moving, it will stopped and became static again. It also being know as Newton’s balls or Executive Ball Clicker.

Application of Newton’s cradle

The most common application is that of a desktop executive toy. It can be used for home decoration, office decoration, hotel decoration, pressure relief and other indoor decoration applications.
Another use is as an educational physics demonstration in middle or high school, as an example of conservation of momentum and conservation of energy. It would make the annoying and dull physics course more attractive to students.

Why you should buy Newton’s cradle from us ?

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